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1- referral
Referral for health care professionals 

How to make a referral 


In order to make a referral to one of the clinics, click on the link below and fill out the referral forms and submit or fax to our clinic.

The letter of acceptance of the referral will be sent to the family doctor and the patient will be contacted directly to book an appointment.

All of our services provided by physicians in the clinic will be covered by MSP.

Click here and fill this form out...
Referral Form
2- doctors
Referral for patients and families

How does the referral work?


Harbourside clinic accepts the "Self-referral" and referral from family doctors and other health care professionals.

Please contact your physician or nurse practitioner to request a referral to have access to the clinics.

alternatively, you can contact the clinic directly to arrange for an appointment.

3- Book online
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