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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Why should we choose Harbourside Medical clinic?


Harbourside Medical Clinic is where you will receive Fast access and High-Quality care in a multidisciplinary setting.

You will have a variety of services all in one place.

We work closely with your family doctor and other specialized services.

You will find all the care that you need in a single place in your community.

How could we access the clinic and get a referral?


To access to the clinic services we require a referral letter from the Family doctor or Nurse practitioner.

In special circumstances we accept the self-referral from patient or family members directly .

Please contact the clinic for additional information

What should I expect after the referral was sent to the clinic?


After receiving the referral, the patient or main contact person will be contacted directly to book the initial appointment.

Due to Covid -19 Pandemic situation, all initial appointments will be arranged on the phone and the following appointments will be booked in the clinic for in personal visit.

Do I need to bring my family with me to the visit?


Harbourside Medical Clinic encourages the family to attend the meeting to provide additional information and directly engage in the patient's care plan.

What I will expect in the visit?


you will have a comprehensive geriatric assessment with a focus on " Bio psychosocial " aspects of your life. You will have a medical assessment in addition to cognitive testing. We will use standard cognitive tests to determine the early cognitive disorders.


In Harbourside Medical Clinic we provide compassionate care to the seniors living in our community.

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