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Meet beautiful 3-year-old Leia Luna Fallico. She is truly a special little girl. She is so happy and full of life. Some of the things she enjoys are being outdoors, dancing, swimming, and being around family and friends. She is funny, feisty, and has such a strong personality. She is the only child of Marco and Shonna. Leia is fighting a rare genetic condition called Dyskeratosis Congenital. This condition, it causes bone marrow failure and the only cure for her is a stem cell transplant. Leia urgently needs a stem cell transplant but has yet to find a donor because of her mixed ethnicity. Leia’s best match is likely someone who is of European and/or Persian descent. Only 3.5% of the Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell Registry is made up of people of mixed ethnicity making it hard for patients like Leia to find a match! Please, sign up to be a potential stem cell donor today! You might just be the lifesaving match for Leia or the other 800+ Canadian patients

Register today at

A cheek swab kit will be mailed to you.
You must be between 17-35 years of age to register.
Not everyone who registers will be matched to a patient and asked to donate, but each registrant provides hope for those waiting.
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